Frequently Asked Question`s


ShamooArt is the market leader in Luxury handcrafted wall and table decorations for Hotels, Palaces and Villas. We sell direct to the public or through select retailers. Our products takes 15-21 Business days to accomplish and dry the painting depends on design and materials needed.


1. What makes ShamooArt products unique?

ShamooArt products are handmade so no two Pieces are identical. Our products have been used in many of the finest hotels, palaces and homes in Egypt. Colours used in our products may vary from one to the other, while we will assist you in your selection when asked, we are unable to guarantee colour matching because the colors are processed and prepared manually and accurately.

The vibrant character of our products and their charms inherent in its motifs and ornaments is the reason why we are different and distinct from the rest of the market.


2. Where cannot Our products be used?

  • Our table decorations products are not recommended for serving use.
  • Our products cannot be used in pools.
  • Our products cannot be used outside in frost-likely climates. Our products are not frost-proof.


3. What variances or characteristics of a handmade hand painted products can I expect to see?

Due to the handmade processes involved in creating our products, you can expect to see differences in:
– exact size (size can vary +/- 10%)
– exact weight
– exact coloring
– Our Product may not be exactly flat or perfectly round Since that’s what we get from the supplier.


4. I want to place an order. What do I need to do?

Please use the shopping cart feature on our web site. Please note: we require full payment in advance of shipping your product to you.


5.  How much does it cost for shipping & handling?

Shipping price will be determined based on the place of delivery.


6.  How long does it take for my tiles to be delivered to me?

Upon receipt of payment, we immediately prepare the order to be ready to be delivered to you. This takes from 15 – 21 days at the latest until it is ready for delivery. Therefore, it will be ready for transmission within a period of time.


7. Can I return my order?

Yes, It should be noted that we are making the product specifically for you based on your request and not for storage, and accordingly, returning the product to us depends only on it having any problems in terms of color, size, material or being damaged. In the event that any of these matters appeared upon delivery, we are obligated to receive the product and return it to us, and this is done during the delivery of the product.




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