Picturesque Ornament Dated back to Arab Islamic Era

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This is an Antique Handmade Acrylic Colors painting, Mastered with high quality, Luxurious Piece of Art for Home Decoration, Handmade Crafts. These one-of-a-kind pieces are handcrafted with top quality artistry materials

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Item Specifications
• Handcrafted Egyptian luxury. This Handcrafted item exhibits the artistry and charm of handcraft.
• This handcrafted Oriental decoration offers you a sense of the painters’ urbanisation and culture during this time period.
• Acrylic painting, home décor, wall picture, and acrylic painting This work of art was created by a group of artists.

Because this is a handcrafted item, it will not be identical to the original; however, it will be 85-95% similar. We appreciate your understanding.

• Unbreakable
• Moisture-proof.
• Rust-resistant.
• Light in weight.
• Completely Added-Value, crafted for style.
• Condition: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Use an acrylic painting on a round tray.

• Tray (Round)
Please note that we may customise any size or colour to fit the client’s needs.

• Metal adds an elegant touch to your home décor and is constructed of high-quality materials.
• Simply wipe clean with a wet soft cloth or kitchen towel.

Shipping & Delivery:
• Designed specifically for you.
• The painting will take 15-21 business days to complete and dry.
It is determined by the design and materials required.
• and require 2-7 business days for delivery

• It will be packaged extremely carefully so that it does not get damaged.

General Notes:
• Please keep in mind that, while I make every effort to guarantee authenticity, the colour of the photos may change slightly from the actual item owing to lighting and/or different screen displays.
• Because this is a handcrafted item, there may be some variations in size, shape, and colour.
As it a Customized product and its made-by-order we give you a period of two days in case you want to cancel your order and refund the money before starting to implement it.


Red, Oliver


50Cm, 60Cm, 70Cm, 80Cm


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